Video footage (entering humorous zone)

Learn computing via Country folk technology
Electric fences have a way of getting your attention via shock therapy.
Look at what a Snowman would do in Super bowl 2004 if he didn't melt.
How about some Red neck Christmas coverage to get you in the spirit.
Have you ever had a bad day at work? Well check this out.
Go ahead, play the frog in the blender game.

If you ever thought about running with the bulls, think again.

This video proves chimps are higher up on the evolutionary scale.
Vote to give Bill Clinton your support, he never inhaled either.
* If you liked the frog in the blender (above) you'll like gerbil in a microwave.
* What a day of canoeing on a river will do to a guy, sheesh.
* The accuracy and timing of pitcher Randy Johnson, you will not believe it.

* Fresh salmon is not only good to eat but it is tough to catch.

* If you want to do some Sumo wrestling be sure to pick on someone your own size.

* For the truly dedicated bowlers, Elf bowling, give it a try.

* Ice fishing can be relaxing, and you never know what you might catch.
* A state of Texas sport that has been around since Jurassic times.
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