Family members and friends.


                       Karson, our grand son
                       Tyler, our grand son
                       Taytum, our grand daughter
                       Parker, our grand son
                       Rylee, our grand daughter
                       Daniel our Son-in-law
                       Kenzi our Daughter-in-law
                       Jasonand some of his everyday life.                                        
                       Jenny and some of her everyday life.
                       Brianna and Bryton, my niece and nephew. 
                       Whitley, my great niece.   
                       Emily, my niece.   
                       Cindy - from start to present. 
                       George Kapanday's 70th birthday. 
                       Dorothy Shaw, my mother.   
                       John Shaw, my father.                                                 
                       Carol Krona, my mother-in-law.                                                 
                       Terry, with family members.                            

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