2016 Videos - Time is in 15 minute increments - click below to view desired portion
Hour : Min
0 : 00 Hiking & Whitetail deer viewing
Parkers 9th birthday , Parker
Parkers 9th birthday , Cindy & Joanna making cake
Parkers 9th birthday , Cindy making cake
Parkers 9th birthday , family & friends
Dolly Lamas , country ride
Boy & dog , Tyler Ginger
Pillow fights , Parker Tyler Jenny
Basketball , Rylee
Reading about field trip , Rylee
Playing at creek , Tyler Rylee Astro
Dinner inside at the farm , family members
Basketball , Rylee (2)
Valentine day , Jenny Rylee Cindy Tyler
Wooden horse riding , Karson
Playing at creek , Karson Taytum Nick
Barn yard antics , Tyler Karson David Bernie Astro
Rylee's basketball game , Taytum Cindy Terry
Rylee's basketball game , Rylee Jenny
Breakfast on farm front porch , Karson Taytum Tyler Cindy
Bike riding , Karson Jason Tyler
Bike riding , Tyler
Hagerman's trail bike ride , Rylee Terry
Dancing , Tyler
Sand box friends , Tyler Bernie Momma
Watering the garden , Tyler
Tromping in the woods , Rylee and dogs
Marshmellow guns a blazing , Parker Tyler
Creek wrestling , Parker Tyler
Dining with conversationists , Rylee Parker Tyler
Office assistant , Tyler
0 : 15 Front porch poetry , Rylee Tyler Parker
Rock thrower , Tyler
82nd birthday at Southern Kitchen , Dorothy Cindy
Burpers R Us , Rylee Tyler Parker Cindy
Fresh from Amarillo , Taytum Karson
Tag team computing , Karson Tyler
Lunch , crew grandkids
Tag team computing , Rylee Taytum
Team swinging , Rylee Taytum
Mudding at the creek , Parker Karson Tyler Taytum Rylee
Stacking wood from fallen tree , Jason Joanna
Cake making for Nick , Joanna Nick
Cake made for Taytum by Joanna , Taytum Rylee David
Cake made for Nick , Joanna Nick David
Dual 4th & 9th birthday party , Nick , Taytum & many family members
Bucket throwing in pond , David Nick
Tadpoles and frog , David Joanna
Rylee's 11th birthday cake with Ginger theme , Cindy is the creator 
Rylee's 11th birthday , Rylee and many family members
0 : 30 New dog , Ayra Joanna David
New dog , Ayra Joanna Nick Cindy
Eating lunch , David Nick
New dog , Ayra David Jason
Playing catch , David Jason
Playing catch , David Joanna
Easter , family members galore
Jenny's 31st brithday , many family members and friends
Tyler's 7th birthday school lunch , Tyler Cindy
Tyler's 7th birthday cake maker , Cindy
Tyler's 7th birthday bus ride , Tyler Rylee Parker
Tyler's 7th birthday party , mucho family members
Dining at Logans , Dorothy
Fastpitch softball in Sherman , Rylee
Nesting bird with eggs , Killdeer
0 : 45 Baseball game , Tyler
Learning to catch , David Jason
T ball game , David
Cube game in blue room , Rylee Tyler
Baseball game , Tyler
Playing ball in front yard , Rylee Jenny
Playing ball in front yard , Rylee Jenny Taytum Jason
Dancing , Tyler David
Swinging , Rylee Taytum
Playing at creek , the Boys
Softball , Rylee
Shovel herding dog , Arya Jason
Tractor riding Frac Mon , Jason David
Tractor riding Frac Mon , Jason Nick
Tractor riding Frac Mon , Jason Joanna
Dog day afternoon & fishing , Astro Arya & Crew
School daze ended , Rylee Tyler Parker
Baseball , Tyler
Bird sighting , Painted Bunting
Fishing at pond , Tyler
Fishing at pond , Parker Tyler
Baseball , Tyler
Dining at Logans , Parker Tyler Dorothy
Fishing at pond , Rylee
Karson complaining , Jason Taytum
Tractor driiving , Jasnon Taytum
Basketball court , Jason Joanna Taytum Karson
Boy and dog , Karson Astro Taytum Cindy
Dining at Logans , Dorothy Karson Joanna Taytum Cindy
Cuddle buddy creation , Tyler
Rodeo calf scramble , Tyler Parker Taytum Karson Rylee
Rodeo fireworks , Tyler Parker Taytum Karson Rylee Jason Cindy Joanna
Tyler tight lipped , Tyler
Skills acquistion , Karson
July 4th , family members
Karsons 7th birthday , Jason and Karson
1 : 00 Karsons 7th birthday , family members
Sonic malt trip , Rylee Taytum Tyler Karson Cindy
Tyler Karson
Rylee Taytum Cindy Jenny
Terrys 57th birthday , family members
ining at Smokehouse , Cindy Rylee Tyler 
The floor gymnast , Tyler
Branson Trip , Cindy Terry
Joanna's 26th birthday , many crew members
Baseball fun , Tyler Dennis
Volley ball , Rylee Jenny
Creek antics , Tyler
Volleyball , Rylee
Dancing , Rylee Tyler
Sock wrestling , Rylee Taytum Parker
Thanksgiving , many crew menbers
Nature walk , Tyler
Hagermans visit , Rylee Ginger
Cindy's 58th birthday , many family members
Hagermans visit , Tyler
Gingers 5th birthday , many family members
Basketball , Rylee (3)
Tree house explorer , Tyler
Playing twister game , Rylee Tyler Anna Cindy
1 : 15 Basketball , Parker
Basketball , Rylee
Hagermans visit , Taytum Karson
Dining , Taytum Rylee
Decoding the Christmas presents , Rylee Taytum
Christmas , many family members
Opening Christmas gifts late at 209 Jordan St , many family members
1 : 26 The End