2013 Videos - Time is in 15 minute increments - click below to view desired portion
Hour : Min
0 : 00 Parkers 6th birthday cake prep by Cindy
Parkers 6th birthday
Parker & Tyler at Hagermans
Cindy & Astro at Hagermans
Tyler & Poppy discovering newborn calf at farm
Tyler learning how to do dishes with Grammy
0 : 15 Parkers 6th birthday celebration at Chuck E Cheese
Farm antics
Roller skating at Sherman rink
Farm antics
Tromping at Hagermans
January boating at Lake Texoma
Gangham style jamming
Valentines day 2013
Hagermans learning about Owl droppings , Tyler Cindy
Ginger happy when cruise is over
Fort Andrews occupied
Lil Cowboy & Lil moo cows
Roller skating in Sherman
Dorothys 79th birthday
Hog wild at Hagermans 2nd Saturday
0 : 30 Spring Break - Zoo - Taytum & Karson visit - etc
Rylee roller skating backwards
0 : 45 Rylee's 8th birthday
Cake making mood for Cindy
Marshmallow guns are frieghtning
Future gymnasts
Turkey in the back yard
Tyler and the livestock show
Parker honing his baseball skills
Easter egg coloring and pizza making at the farm
Jennys 28th birthday
Rylee harvesting wild onions
Rylee the fisherman
Easter Sunday
Making of Tylers 4th birthday cake
1 : 00 Tylers 4th birthday
Max visits the farm
Cindy participating in Chili cook off at Perrin AFB
Parker getting the hang of skating
Tyler reeling in fish
Tyler the toad catcher
Tyler learning to make a wish with dandelions
Parker honing his skating skills
Tyler with marshmallow gun and caterpillars
Tyler Picasa Andrews with his Mom Jenny
Rylee hitting home run in Collinsville
Tyler catching a piggy back to see Rylee's game
Parker doing tricks on his scooter
Parker playing baseball for the Sand Gnats
Tyler the tread miller
Rylee & Tyler dancing to the music
Poppy pulling Tylers ears off
Tyler, ice cream & dogs
Rylee, ice cream & glamour shots
Tyler the king with barbie jeep near by
Rylee on the finer points of roller skating
Tyler the Scientist commenting on the state of mice
Tyler Poppy fishing
Tyler feeding horses carrots
Rylees softball game at Collinsville
Dinner at the Farm in late May
Baby Turtles are Turtely cool
Roller skating in Sherman
Playing & socializing at the Farm
IHOP with Tyler Dorothy Grammy Poppy
Parker Just a Swinging
Farm fun
Parker & Tyler the couch potatoes
Tylers caterpillar friend
Water baloon fights rule
Roller skating fun
Hagermans 2nd Saturday about Snakes
Daniel playing with kids
Parker batting for the Sand Gnats
Seymour TX Subway meeting place
1 : 15 Skating rink rust
Skating pre meeting
Sandboxxing with Karson and Tyler
Leisurely exploits
Fishing at the farms pond
Trip to Hagermans to learn and enjoy
Taytum and Karsons Spring visit
Tyler Picaso Andrews at work painting canoe rack
Fathers day antics
Tadpole farming with the crew
Tyler catching a toad
Tyler Grammy collecting blackberries at the barn
Summer fun
Whitesboro Rodeo 2013
Lake Texoma camping trip
1 : 30 Karsons 4th birthday party
Parker with baseball medal
Karsons 4th birthday party
Hagermans 2nd Saturday
Karsons 4th birthday party
Taytum preparing to perform
Karson Taytum working assembly
Play ground time after Lone Ranger movie
Jason Taytum Karson summer visit
Canoeing Hagermans , Jason Taytum Karson
Fishing at the farm pond , Jason Taytum Karson Rylee Tyler
Puppet show , Rylee Parker Taytum Tyler Karson
Swimming at lake , Tyler Rylee Parker Taytum Karson Jason Cindy.jpg
Skating , Parker
Skating , Taytum Jason
Dog and Boy , Astro and Karson
Cake pops taste test , Rylee
Saturday morning wake up , Rylee Tyler Parker
Hiding from parents , Jenny Daniel Rylee Tyler Parker
Despicable Me 2 before , Rylee Parker Tyler
Despicable Me 2 after , Rylee Parker Tyler
Jason Kenzi Taytum Karson Cindy , Seymour Subway to pickup kids
Taytum , Seymour Subway to pickup kids
Taytum Karson , Farm fun
Taytum Karson , Farm fun via sand stone acting
Taco Casa bedroe lake visit
Lake visit at Cedar Mills
Farm fun
Skating in Sherman
Farm fun (11)
1 : 45 Jasons birthday via skype
Farm fun (12)
Lake via boat ride
Nature walk
Sandboxing at the farm
Jeep cruising at the farm
Farm fun (17)
Seymour Subway drop off kids
Learning cursive hand writing , Rylee
Nature walk , Parker Tyler
Poetry in motion , Rylee Parker
Skating to limbo , Tyler
Skating , Rylee
High stakes card playing , Cindy Rylee Parker Tyler
Jeeping for beginners , Tyler
Future trampoline gymnasts , Rylee Tyler
Sock wrestling , Rylee Tyler
Listen to jam , Rylee Tyler Parker
Listen to jam , Rylee
Listen to jam , Parker
Dancing to jam , Rylee
Dancing to jam , Rylee Jenny Tyler
Listening to music , Parker Tyler
2 : 00 Visitors from Lubbock with the Home crew
Skating , Rylee spinning
Breakfast at the farm , Tyler Cindy
Fall sports , Rylee Tyler Parker
Fall sports , Jenny Parker
Fall sports , Rylee
Fall sports , Rylee Parker
Fall sports , Jenny Tyler
Sims Reuniion 2013 
Nature walk snake found , Rylee Poppy
Tree Man face lift , Rylee Cindy
Injured or not , Rylee Tyler
Injured or not , Rylee Tyler Parker Cindy
Catching fish is easy , Tyler
Skating skills , Rylee
Discipline via double team , Tyler Jenny Cindy
Soccer at four years old , Tyler Jenny
Pillow fighting an art , Tyler Rylee
Nature r us , Tyler Rylee
Farm hands , Rylee Tyler
Tree Men are real , Rylee Tyler
Wendys in Wichita Falls , Karson Taytum
Breakfast at the farm , Karson Taytum
Soccer field antics , Rylee Taytum
Kitten cuddling , Tyler Karson
Soccer field antics , Rylee Taytum (3)
Sonic visit , Parker Rylee Taytum Tyler Karson
Breakfast on farm porch , the crew 
Nature walk , Parker Poppy
Girls secret fort , Taytum Rylee
Grammys salon , Cindy Taytum Rylee
Skating , Rylee Taytum Karson
Horse shoes at the farm , Karson
Horse shoes at the farm , Karson Rylee Taytum
Rainy morning , Rylee Karson
Breakfast in the kitchen , Karson Taytum Rylee Cindy
Girls playing real estate , Taytum Rylee
Fishing at pond , Tyler Poppy
Save money with mouse trap , Rylee Tyler
Viewing old pictures , Cindy Rylee
Lunch at the farm , Many Hombres 
Deer near pond , Terry
2 : 15 Pasture antics , Jenny Tyler
Pasture antics , Jenny Tyler Cindy
Kitchen help , Tyler Cindy
Mushroom kicking , Tyler
Mushroom kicking , Tyler Parker
Halloween decorations , Rylee Tyler Jenny Cindy
Kitchen happenings , Jenny Cindy Parker Tyler
Kitchen happenings , Jenny Cindy Rylee
Halloween costume , Tyler
Sharks soccer , Jenny Parker
Sharks soccer , Jenny Parker Tyler
Sharks soccer , Rylee Parker Tyler
Muffin maker and taster , Tyler Cindy
Blue room playing , Karson Taytum Tyler
Country breakfast , Shaws and Andrews
Car aligning , Karson Tyler
Beginning Realtors , Taytum Rylee
Car aligning , Karson Tyler (2)
Nature walk , Taytum Rylee Karson Tyler
Taco Casa dining , Tyler Parker Rylee
Blue room antices , Cindy Tyler
Tricks on the swing , Tyler
Boloney tounge , Tyler
Hagermans visit , Rylee Parker Tyler
Kids will be kids , Rylee Parker Tyler
Breakfast at the farm , Cindy Tyler Parker Rylee Jenny
School work , Tyler Cindy
Wants for Christmas , Rylee Tyler Parker
Early gift opening , Tyler Parker Rylee
2 : 30 Thanksgiving , Shaw Family
Basketball , Rylee
Blue room antics , Tyler Parker Rylee Karson
Blue room antics , Tyler Karson
Lunch is served , Karson Tyler
Bird feeding 101 , Karson
Dining with Christmas wishes , Karson Tyler
Kitchen table behavior , Karson Tyler
Brothers at breakfast , Tyler Parker
Christmas eve at Budgies house
Christmas via Skype to Lubbock
Christmas at the farm
Nature walk day after Christmas , Rylee Parker Tyler
Lubbock visitors , Jason Karson
Lubbock visitors , Taytum Karson
Lubbock late Christmas , Several family members
Dog Training 101 , Tyler
Bologna sandwich , Karson Taytum Tyler Rylee
2:43 Tyler Spelling Tyler with emphasis on the "R" , Tyler
Dog Training 101 , Taytum
Great Grandmother visit , Dorothy Taytum Parker Rylee Tyler
2 : 44 The End