2012 Videos - Time is in 15 minute increments - click below to view desired portion
Hour : Min
0 : 00 Parkers 5th Birthday
Parkers 5th Birthday Party
Tyler & Cindy Watching Videos
Late January Play Time
0 : 15 Superbowl Weekend In Early February
Tyler Grammy Butterfly Kissing
Puppy's 1st Day At The Farm
Puppy Greeting New Family For 1st Time
Taytum's 5th Birthday Party
Dorothy Shaw's 78th Birthday Celebration
Wendys Restaurant After Hagermans 2nd Saturday
Gainesville Zoo 2012 Trip
0 : 30 Sunday Morning Wake Up Time
Rylee's 7th Birthday
Tyler Teaching Bugs To Swim
Tyler Turning Flips
Rylee's 7th Birthday
Tyler Karson Playing At Mcdonalds
Jennys 27th Birthday
0 : 45 Tyler's 3rd Birthday
Easter Egg Coloring Is A Work Of Art
Day At The Baseball Park
Poppy Tyler Canoeing Hagermans Creek
Rylee's Softball Game In Gainesville
Rylee Brushing Grammys Hair On Saturday Morning
Tyler In The Kitchen On Saturday Morning
Poppy Karson Canoeing Hagermans Creek
1 : 00 Poppy Rylee Taytum Canoeing Hagermans Creek
Gainesville Zoo Trip Tyler Karson Poppy Dorothy
Parker Tyler Poppy Canoe Trip Hagermans Creek
1 : 15 Taytum Grammy Hagermans 2nd Saturday
Mothers Day Celebration
Taytums Pre K Graduation
Rangers Game Pre Rest Stop
Terry & Budge Canoeing Red River Below Denison Dam
Taytum Karson Kenzi Ready To Head For Lubbock
Rodeo 2012
July 4th 2012 , Red River & Corn Picking
Karsons 3rd Birthday Sang Over The Internet
1 : 30 Parker And Tyler Wrestling
Kenzi Taytum Karson Visit From Lubbock
Poppy's 53rd Birthday
School Shopping Crew
1 : 45 Poppy Tyler Preparing For The Lake
Tyler Exhibiting How To Dance
Tyler Showing His Project That He Helped Poppy On
Museum At Fort Worth Trip
Rylee Tyler Gardening With Grammy
Soccer 1st Game
Parker Tyler Acting Like Monkeys
Soccer On A Cool Fall Day
Canoeing Hagerman With Jenny Tyler
Soccer On A Cool October Day
Go Fishing - Card Style
2 : 00 Tyler Poppy Hagermans visit
Tyler Poppy exploring the farm
Parkers last soccer game of 2012
Tyler the seed pod picker
Pheasant Hunt , Mike Cody Kerry Tommy
Mineral creek's secret fort
Dave & Carol's visit
Our white tail friend
2 : 15 Thanksgiving
Cindys 54th birthday
Tyler in the flesh
Rylees 1st basketball game
Rylee & Parkers school concert
Tyler playing like a ghost
Cowboy Tyler riding 3 legged bull
2 : 30 pre Christmas eve
Christmas eve
Brownsville trip
2 : 41 The End