2011 Videos - Time is in 15 minute increments - click below to view desired portion
Hour : Min
0 : 00 Parker's 4th birthday
Taytum's 4th Birthday
Dorothy Shaw's 77th birthday celebration
Saturday leisure
Cow chasing and Farm Fun
Spring fever in March
Rylee's 6th birthday celebration
0 : 15 Tyler's 2nd birthday party
Rylee explaining Germs
Rylee bumming with Grammy
Saturday fun in the sun
Bumming around in the Spring
0 : 30 Spring visit with Dave and Carol
Uncle Dan and Joan visit
0 : 45 Farming and Fishing day of leisure
Easter Sunday at the Farm
1 : 00 Ball Park playing and a chicken dinner
Picnicing at Hagermans and such
Mothers Day
1 : 15 Tadpoles and Trucking
3 Musketeers at the Farm
Hagermans trekking and rock throwing
1 : 30 Saturday of Bubbles Tadpoles and Blackberries
Sunday fun at the Farm
1 : 45 Memorial Day Weekend - Saturday
Texoma Lake visit at Cedar Mills
Farm and five grandchildren
Wednesday evening at the Farm
Zoo visit Fort Worth
Weekday lake visit
Saturday at the house
2 : 00 Zoo trip with 2 two year olds
Laking , Funning , Fishing
2 : 15 Rodeo for Newbies
July 4th 2011
Karson's 2nd birthday party
Rylee riding bike
2 : 30 Texoma Island Camping with the Jason Jenny Rylee Parker Taytum
Illinois River Canoeing
Rylee & Poppy bike ride @ Hagermans
Mourning Dove nest
Poppy's 52nd birthday
Hagermans 2nd Saturday learning about Owls
Fishing at the pond with Mom (aka Dorothy) and Cindy
2 : 45 Hagermans 2nd Saturday - Grand Opening Day
Parkers 1st soccer game
Tyler playing in sprinkler
Soccer Saturday
Farm fun and play
Circus at Whitesboro
Animal Imitations , Tyler Terry
Watching old family video , Tyler Carol Jenny Cindy Dave
Leprachan Strawberries , Parker Jenny Rylee Carol Dave
Parker on agriculture
Taytum counting , Jason Karson Carol Dave Cindy
Tricycle riding in the living room , Karson
Tickling a bunch , Jason Karson Taytum
Rylee testing for Gold belt
3 : 00 Thanksgiving
Cindy's 53rd birthday
Rylee singing
Parker doing Gorilla dance
3 : 15 Pre Christmas Eve
Christmas eve
Christmas at the farm , Cindy Terry Jason Kenzi Taytum Karson Jenny Daniel Rylee Parker Tyler
3 : 23 The End