The motorcycle trip to Colorado that never happened - 08-19-2007

Cindy and I both feel blessed to escape this endeavor with our lives.

  After visiting my 30th high school reunion on Friday night Cindy and I went home a little early to get some rest for an adventure that would include us on our 1995 Honda Goldwing touring the open Colorado landscape with no plans but to ride in the day and get acceptable lodging at night. Sometimes things don't go as planned and this was definitely one of those times.
  We crashed our motorcycle east of Nocona, TX. during the early morning hours of  08-19-2007. Fact is I don't have any recollection of the accident as of this writing which was written on 02-16-2008. First recall I had was when I woke up in the emergency room around 08:00 the morning of. We were only an hour or so into our trip when this tragedy happened.
  We have recovered although Cindy does not have 100% usage of her left shoulder but as I have mentioned previously we both feel blessed to have survived this ordeal and our view on life has been altered to the positive.
  I have chosen to allow one picture (there are more of the motorcycle etc.) to be viewed that was taken after the wreck which is of the helmets that clearly depict the obvious condition we would have been in if not wearing the helmets.

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