Day 7 8-11-2005, Thursday - 574 miles
I awoke Thursday morning with the return trip left in front of me to bring this adventure to an end. I did see some beautiful country on my way home but nothing that compared to the previous six days. I stopped at one the newer rest stops between Amarillo and Childress (these rest stops are ultra nice nowadays) and I planned to take a few minutes and finish up the book I brought along "the Da Vinci code" but instead I met this youngster named Tyson Mao who is currently in pursuit of an astrophysics degree from Caltech in San Francisco. The interesting thing about Tyson was that he was driving from San Francisco to Dallas to participate in a Rubik's cube competition (I thought the Rubik's cube had fallen off the radar but apparently not) and he actually had me shuffle up the Rubik's cube and time him on how long it took him to sort it back to matching colors and it took him nineteen seconds. Next he had me shuffle the cube up again and I timed him on how long it took him to sort it back to matching colors with him doing this sorting behind his back........yes.... behind his back. This amazing feat to him two minutes and twenty nine seconds. He looked at the cube for about a minutes of so and memorized the condition the Rubik's cube was in then for the remaining minute or so he put the cube behind his back and worked the cube with me watching the cube the whole time. Amazing..........I finally made it home around 9 pm and got some good sleep as there is nothing like your own bed although the experience I had in the previous seven days is one that I will never forget.
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