Day 6 8-10-2005, Wednesday - 450 miles
After breaking camp at Moraine park I continued back roading it and found myself heading southwest on highway 285 out of Denver where I witnessed an arrest in progress as one officer had the suspect belly down with a knee in his back about to cuff him and another officer was standing in the middle of the road with an assault rifle trained on the individual being arrested. I would have stopped and took a picture but I don't think that action would have been appreciated. I saw some beautiful country on highway 285 and other back roads. From Walsenberg I headed west on highway 160 looking for the highway of legends (also known as scenic 12) and my plans were to camp at Trinidad Lake state park which I did but not before getting involved with an earthquake, a torrential downpour and a hail storm that       lasted for fifteen minutes and kick my tail thoroughly as I had no choice but to head for the nearest cover which turned out to be virtually nil. Shortly afterwards I found Trinidad Lake state park and set up camp thoroughly soaked. Colorado weather was unkind to me my last full day there but every single day and some nights I encountered rain.
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