Day 4 8-8-2005, Monday - 380 miles
After breakfast at Lodge pole campgrounds I planned to ride the unpaved rural road to Cottonwood pass which has an elevation of 12,126'. I encountered many cattle due to open range but once I reached Cottonwood pass the road was paved on the eastward slope all the way to Buena Vista. After stocking up on supplies in Buena Vista I turned north with Wyoming in my sights. I traveled through Leadville and a small piece of Interstate 70 to get on highway 9. I eventually ended up in Walden, CO. where I saw my first ever live badger (badgers can get rank if provoked). With a few miles of Colorado remaining after Walden I reached Wyoming's Medicine Bow National Forest scenic route which ran from Riverside through Laramie. Soon after passing through Laramie I stopped to pitch camp at Curt Gowdy (yep, the sports announcer) state park which is located off the scenic route that runs between Laramie and Cheyenne.
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