Day 3 8-7-2005, Sunday - 435 miles
I left South Mineral campgrounds about 6:30 am in the attempt to have the highway from Silverton to Ouray to myself and with the exception of two mule deer, a few crows having breakfast on a unfortunate road killed beaver and a few cars I rode the magical highway again but from south to north this time. I continued to Montrose which lies several miles north of Ouray and turned east on highway 50 which allowed me to see the Black Canyon on the way to Gunnison which was beautiful but the prettiest stretch of road I encountered (excluding Silverton to Ouray) was highway 149 from South Fork to Gunnison. I ended the day by camping thirty miles northeast of Gunnison at Lodge pole campgrounds. I met a fellow gold wing rider there that lives in Massachusetts and tours the country via motorcycle and sleeping in a tent from May to October every year.   
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