Day 2 8-6-2005, Saturday - 400 miles
I left Pinyon Flats campground at 8 am and headed west on highway 160 to Pagosa Springs and Durango then Cortez. Once I headed north from Cortez to Telluride the scenery was gorgeous. Telluride is a cool little town that I would suggest you visit if your anywhere close. Although I didn't spend a lot of time there my impression was Telluride consisted of a bunch of coffee sipping yuppies that hung out at road side cafes when they weren't shopping. When using the scan button on my stereo system on my motorcycle I could only pick up one station which was a pretty neat jazz/blues station. My next town that caught my eye was Ouray. Ouray lays in a box canyon and had it's own persona about it but the fascinating part about Ouray is the thirty miles of highway to the south of this town that ends at Silverton. This stretch of highway is a must see even if your not close. I pitched my tent at South Mineral campgrounds and settled in for the evening.   
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