Welcome to our 2000 pheasant hunt
which took place around the Garden City, Kansas
area on November 11th and 12th.

We didn't yield many pheasants in our game bag but we did have a good time. With the exception of the long drive of course. But then again, I suppose the drive is all part of the annual migration of Shaws (and friends) northward.

There were a total of seven hunters that made the trip. All of which were very pleasurable to fellowship with.
They were:  (click on the names below to see their picture)
Dan Shaw
Bill and Mike Shaw
Larry Fisher
John, Jason and Terry Shaw

If you'll click on the highlighted word(s) below in each sentence you'll be able to view pictures that go with the story.

Our trip started with a westward drive on highway 82 in the early morning hours of November 10th. After four hours of travel and an early morning breakfast at the Jolly truck stop we found ourselves in Childress ready to turn north.
Our northward track would allow us to see the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles and reach our final destination in southwest Kansas. Click here to see the Texas panhandle landscape.

On our trip to Kansas we encountered a Bigfoot sighting, two dinosaurs and a car load of illegal immigrants.

On Saturday morning we arose early from our warm beds at the Motel and were ready to go.
We did not find the weather nearly as warm as we encountered sleet mixed with rain which put a halt to our morning hunt.
But not before we were able to hunt three or four places of which we harvested our first bird of the hunt.
Larry and Mike teamed up to take this cock with splendid shooting.

We did make a comeback in the afternoon after retiring to the Motel for the remainder of the morning. Indeed we did see some action in the afternoon hunt but not as much as years past.
Jason found himself in a wrestling match with a pheasant in order to get his bird in the bag while his Grandfather (John) displayed his imitation of the rifleman.

After the wrestling match Jason and his Grandfather posed for a picture with a pheasant.

When it comes to leadership we had the best of the best. Click here to see two Generallies conversing on "how to think like a pheasant" !

We did have some adventures. One such adventure was when we got stuck in the Kansas sand and had to dig our way out. Fortunately, Uncle Dan had a hydraulic jack with him that made all the difference in the world towards becoming freed again. We all gave Dan a double thumbs up for being helpful.

As the day came to a close Bill and Jason posed for this picture with a full moon in the back ground.

Unfortunately, the next morning Dan locked his keys in his truck with the vehicle running and without an additional set of keys. Needless to say, he did not get a double thumbs up this time.

We hunted for a short time on Sunday morning but decided to pack it in and head for Texas at 10:00 in the morning. Other than stopping at K-Bob's restaurant in Childress for a mid afternoon meal we drove straight through for the most part.

All we have left now are the memories and a slightly thinner wallet.

Narrated by Terry Shaw

P.S. If it seems as though I have picked on my Uncle Dan quite a bit during the narration of our 2000 pheasant hunt it is because I like him a lot. I'm sure that Dan probably wishes I didn't like him quite so well.

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